How to Look Best in Your Photos


How to Look Best in Your Photos

Have you ever wondered how your Instagram idols have such great feed, and take such amazing selfies? Whether it’s a candid shot or not, they seem to look stunning and confident, right? But it’s not just about the photographer, or the presets, not even the outfit, make-up, hair, or lighting. The secret to such wonderful photos is this: CONFIDENCE.

Here are some tips on how to look your best in photos!

1. Practice makes it perfect

Take time and practice some poses in front of the mirror so you could have an idea of how you look. Read up on articles about posing and angles. You can also browse through other people’s photoshoots and try to recreate their poses.

2. Get dolled up

Have your hair done. Keep the frizz at bay with oil or serum.

Choose the right shade of foundation and lipstick. Make sure to bring oil-blotting sheets just in case!

Wear clothes that flatter your shape and choose colors that compliment your skin. Avoid patterns as they don’t usually go well in front of the camera – distorting and distracting your body and the background. Lastly, add a few accessories that highlight your best features.

You are the focus of your photoshoot. Make sure you are at your best look!

3. Shake it off and relax

Before going in front of the lens and the lighting, shake your body and stretch! Make funny faces. Relax your face, relax your body, and go for it!

4. Shoot as many as you want

Take test shots. Take as many as you want until you become at ease in front of the camera. Once you are comfortable, you can now experiment on various angles and poses. Play with your expression. Choose different backgrounds. And don’t forget to smile with your eyes! A genuine smile always looks good in photos.

Shoot as many photos as you want. It doesn’t matter if you don’t look good at all of those shots, you can segregate them later and choose the ones you like.

5. Trust the right photographer

Choose a photographer that is accommodating and encouraging. The right photographer will make it easier for you to smile, be comfortable and confident in front of the camera. He/she should know how to play with the right lighting and background that emphasizes your best features. The right photographer will process and give you the greatest and most beautiful photos of your life.

Follow these simple hacks and you will look nothing but stunning in your photos!