Everyone can be Photogenic, You Just Have to Find the Right Photographer


Everyone can be Photogenic, You Just Have to Find the Right Photographer

Have you ever felt ugly or horrible in every image ever taken of you? Do you feel like you can’t find your right angles for a perfect portrait shot? Is it the background, the location, or is it just you?

It sure is frustrating not to figure out the right pose, location, or style that suits your face and your features to produce images that you can banner and treasure. How can it be such a struggle to have beautiful photos taken, right? But sometimes, it’s not all about the aspects of what’s in your photo but also of WHO’s going to take your photo.

I too experienced feeling dissatisfied over some photos taken of me, specifically the random caught-off-guard ones. As a photographer, I have learned to take photos of my clients that they will surely love. Ones that will exude the beauty in their eyes, and produce images that will be treasured throughout the years. I always make it a point to put myself in their shoes and see from their lens if I would love the photos taken. I want nothing but clients who are happy and satisfied with their photos, just as much as I am with my personal portraits.

Since I also work with big groups for event and brand photography, I make sure that I establish a good and comfortable relationship with my clients. I want my clients to loosen up, be relaxed, and be the truest version of their selves so that their natural beauty can shine in the final photos.

More than this, I also work with technicalities. I keep all my past work in one portfolio and show them to interested clients. It is important for me that my client likes my style and my work so that our ideas and vision for the photos will fit smoothly. I am also open to discussing with my clients if there are photoshoot pegs or locations they wish to feature in the shoot. We can scout it together and work on possible shots. I like to plan everything from the smallest details to the most general ones. With me, my clients will never have to worry on the shoot day itself, all they have to do is to smile, pose, and wait for the images to be delivered to them.

In my every booking, I make sure that my client goes home with the most amazing shots of him or her. I always ensure to deliver photos that are worth my client’s time and money. As a photographer, I don’t just take photos. I capture memories and feelings, and I make sure that these will forever reflect in the images I take.

So if you want photos that will reflect the amazing, beautiful you, make sure to hire a photographer who has an eye for moments and memoirs, a great personality, and a very accommodating service to his or her clients.