5 Posing Tips For Women


5 Posing Tips For Women

I’m pretty sure every woman has tried striking perfect poses in front of the mirror, but when asked to actually pose in front of the camera, starts to get all awkward and shy. Is this my right angle? Does this highlight my best features? Do my arms look fat here? Do I look relaxed and fresh? So many questions in mind that could sabotage your fresh, perfectly curled hair and on-point make-up. But don’t fret because we’ve got you covered with these easy 5 posing tips for women!

1. Research- A good tip for a beginner or someone who is not very fond of making poses is to research on photoshoot pegs online. There are hundreds of portfolios available with just one Google search. Save this into one album and try to recreate them with your photographer during your photo shoot day.It will also make a great difference if you trust a professional photographer like Helmi Photography who takes high quality and amazing photos. They also make it a point to make their clients feel comfortable and confident during takes thereby having better, natural, and stunning photos.

2. Mind the hair- You can put your hair behind your shoulders, in front of your shoulders, on one side, or tied up in a ponytail. Just make sure that your face, especially your eyes, aren’t covered with hair. Tame your hair with a hair cuticle coat or hair polish to keep the baby strands down. Having a clear view of the face would create a much better focus on your face.

3. Back, hips, posture- Even small changes in how you pose can make a huge difference in how you look in the images. First, straighten your back but not too stiff. Keep it relaxed and natural. Second, put your weight on that leg which is further from the camera, angle your body 45 degrees to the camera, and put your hand on your hips. Doing so will add dimension to your body,creating a better form, and highlighting your features. Lastly, make sure your hands are relaxed and are not in awkward positions. You wouldn’t want to have ‘dinosaur hands’, would you?

4. Lean towards the camera- Tilting your head towards the camera makes your face the focal point of the image. This also creates a more defined jawline as well as making a greater emphasis on your face.

5. Smize- Once you have framed yourself, it is time to work on your facial expression! Relax and flash your most genuine smile not just through your mouth but through your eyes as well. Tyra Bank’s secret to a striking photo is through ‘smizing’ or smiling with your eyes. Your face will definitely look more fresh and stunning! This is the only bible you need in perfecting that pose. Follow these 5 techniques and you’ll surely have spectacular photos on the way!