What to Wear for a Portrait Session


What to Wear for a Portrait Session

Often before a portrait session I get the question of “what should I wear”. The most important thing is to wear something that fits well and that works with the style you want to portray in the shoot. You also want to make sure you are wearing something that makes you feel amazing as this will show in your photos. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable it will show!
I have provided tips on what you should consider when choosing your outfit for a photo shoot.

Fit is important

Fit is one of the most important parts of choosing your clothing for a photo shoot. Use form fitted clothing that shows your curves and stay away from baggy clothing as this will make you look wider and heavier in the photos. The right photographer can work wonders with your body and make you look amazing in form fitted clothes. Stay away from clothes that are too snug, you want nothing to squish. For the silhouette, pick one that works best with your body type and that suits you. There are multiple resources for good silhouette for your body types  available online.


Keep it simple

The focus in the portrait should be on you, and your clothing should not compete with the subject - you! It is always safer to stick to solid colours and if you are in doubt, stay with muted colour tones. When choosing colours always consider your hair, eye and skin colour and pick a colour that accentuate these and does not draw attention from you. Try to stay away from patterns, cutouts or anything that draws attention to it. Keep any jewellery minimalistic and simple. Even if I love statement pieces of jewellery, they end up drawing attention from your face, not ideal for portraits.


Put on high heels

For women, unless you don’t know how to walk in heels, heels makes your legs look longer and leaner. They give you a confident boost that will look great in pictures. Dark colours and plane styles work best in photos. 

Bring multiple outfits

It’s always good to bring a few options with you. Pick a few plane options and a few that expresses your character and personality well. Usually there will always be a place where you can change during the shoot and this will give a great variety to the final photos. Depending on the shoot I recommend bringing at least 2 outfit options and for studio shoots at least 5 outfits unless the focus is only on headshots. Bring outfits easy to change into. Bringing a few different outfits makes it possible for you to discuss the options at location with your photographer. Your photographer will help you with which outfit works best in photos. Not all outfits that looks amazing on you will be the best choice for a photo shoot.

Coordinate, but don’t match.

If you are having a group shoot, coordinate your clothing with your group, but remember not to match! Try together to decide on 1-3 colours for your group portrait and stay with similar tones that works well together for more harmony in the final photos.

The few takeaways you should remember is to wear well fitted clothes and try to keep to neutral colours and bringing a few outfits to change into. Last but not least remember that the most important thing is that its  your day to shine and that you should feel 100% comfortable and amazing in the clothes you are wearing!

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