Photography is about capturing large and small moments in life. We want to capture that special beauty, look in our client’s eyes and produce images you will love now and in the future.

Our team based in Hong Kong specializes in portrait, event, and brand photography. We want everyone to feel comfortable in front of the camera and see their beauty through images. We work with natural and artificial light. However, we work more with natural light as much as possible as we find the quality of it to create amazing images when used in the right way. We then use artificial light when shooting in an indoor location like in a studio or during indoor events.

Our amazing photographers guarantee you high-quality images similar to the photos that you see in our portfolio. Our photographers often work alone during shoots. However, we have assistants that can support and help our photographers depending on the type of shoot that we do. We offer services on the location of your event, or we can pick a beautiful location together. We also work in a studio depending on the types of photographs and style of shoot.

We value our clients because we believe that in every photo that we take, we also capture memories and time that cannot be taken back again. We value your trust, time, and investment on us.

Helmi Photography owner and principal photographer Annika, has been passionate about photography since 2008. She loves images portraying the beauty of life and people, and ensures that the whole team always delivers the best work to every client we work with.

When you pick a photographer to work with, choose someone who's portfolio and previous work you fall in love with. If you love our work and want to work with us, please contact us for pricing and booking.


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